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Whether you are new or an experienced boater, Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker can walk you through the stages of buying or selling your boat. Our team will help you navigate towards closing your deal and getting you out on the water. 

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is proud to serve all customers throughout Pompano Beach, Florida with our team of experienced professional yacht brokers. When you choose us for your yacht brokerage, you’ll never have to lift a finger. You can sit back, relax, and wait for your new boat or the sale of your old one.

Buying a yacht is a great experience if you’re familiar with the process and know what you want. However, there are contracts involved, surveys, sea trials, and closings to deal with. If you’re new to this process, hiring a professional broker to represent you in the purchase should be a consideration.

At Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker, we fully represent our listings. In addition to brokerage, if you’re selling, we provide you with an estimate of your yacht’s resale market value. You can decide if this is the right time to sell. 

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    Our web presence and social media marketing help promote our business. But more importantly, it helps us market and sell our clients’ yachts and find their dream yacht.

    The Process of Selling Your Yacht

    Below are the steps we follow in selling your yacht.

    Conduct a market analysis

    Our yacht broker will research your yacht make and model, what is currently on the market and what has sold recently to give you an understanding of your yacht’s current value.


    We will perform a walkthrough to obtain an overall evaluation of your yacht.

    Compose the listing

    We will compose the listing including a marketing description that is keyword-optimized for online channels.

    Photo/Video Package

    Arrange a photo/video package.

    Final Review of Preliminary Listing

    We will conduct a final review of the preliminary listing to provide any additional input.

    Marketing Channels

    We will publish to all marketing channels using our proven yacht marketing strategies.

    Marketing Reports

    We will provide regular marketing reports to you on our sales/marketing efforts.


    This is the process of negotiating the offer.

    Survey/Sea Trial

    We will conduct a survey or sea trial with you.


    We will be with you until you close the sale. We will help you with the documentation needed until your yacht is sold.

    Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker

    Why Should You Consider Hiring a Yacht Broker to Sell Your Boat?

    Once a buyer has been found, your yacht broker will organize the contract so each party is clear about what is being sold. They will also hold the deposit in a separate account, gather the owner’s paperwork, negotiate the transaction and arrange the Bill of Sale to pass to the new owner.

    Below are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a yacht broker to sell your yacht.

    An objective eye

    Presentation is a big factor in determining the price of a yacht. A professional broker will give you a realistic appraisal of your yacht and identify areas that need work or might be unappealing to prospective buyers.


    There is a significant difference between the asking price and the real value of a yacht. Anyone can check how much similar boats are being advertised for, but a broker will know how much they actually sell for. When a yacht is priced properly, it will attract sensible offers and you can be “harder” on your pricing. Often, the first offer is the best one since it comes from the keenest buyer.

    Place and Position

    If you are planning to sell your yacht, it needs to be seen. Some yacht brokers have raised viewing platforms at popular boatyards and marinas, with power and water fed to the boats and easy access for potential buyers.


    While you can advertise your yacht online yourself, but it will take time and money to manage. A broker will do this for you as part of their services. Websites such as eBay might be useful as a research tool but it is not the best portal to use to sell your boat. Any buyer wants to view the yacht rather than bidding blind.

    Private Viewings

    A professional broker will show your yacht to people at weekends and accommodate those who miss appointments.

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