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Brokerage listings allow consumers to buy and sell yachts through an independent third party. Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is the industry leader when it comes to buying and selling yachts. We proudly serve our customers in Aventura, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

We have experienced professionals to provide personal brokerage services for both buyers and sellers. Our connections, reach, and expertise with yacht brands around the world means you’re guaranteed to find results. We understand the needs and desires of a luxury yacht buyer, and our brokerage listing will surely get you excited.

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Selling a boat, especially a yacht more than 40-feet is a complex process. Marketing, correct pricing, screening prospects, showing the boat, collecting offers, negotiating, drawing up agreements, documenting, sea trials, and transferring funds are all part of the process. 

Most yacht owners don’t have the luxury of time, experience, or the training to deal with a transaction this big. In contrast, professional yacht brokers like Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker do it every day and have the tools and technology to make it easier.

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    There are several advantages to using a broker to sell your boat. Exposure is one of them. Putting “For Sale” signs all over your boat, especially larger boats that have a smaller pool of buyers and may not be in the same region of the country. Several yacht clubs and marinas do not allow “For Sale” signs to be posted.

    Professional brokers have exclusive access to websites to help you sell your yacht. Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker uses a sophisticated system of inventory and lead management. When you list your yacht with us, it will automatically appear on some of the internationally-known websites. Listings include high-quality images, video tours, and walk-throughs, and detailed descriptions to attached buyers.

    As Fort Lauderdale’s largest yacht broker, we have a huge database of interested buyers that we share your yacht with through email communications, social media, and one-one communications. We also offer nationwide advertising in some of the industry’s finest print magazines.


    Pricing is a vital component of successfully selling a yacht. A professional broker knows what a boat will sell for in a given market. Brokers survey what similar boats have sold for, both locally and nationally. They will prepare a listing based on the kind of boat and the typical buyer. In turn, your broker will capture photos of your boat and prepare a listing with alluring descriptions of each photo.

    Screening and Qualifying

    After pricing and listing your yacht, the next most important step for the broker is moving the process along once potential buyers are found.

    Screening the potential buyers helps avoid people who are not serious about buying or do not have the resources. 

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    Types of Agreements 

    There are two kinds of broker agreements. The first is a central agency agreement or exclusive listing. In this agreement, you hired a specific broker to sell your yacht.

    Brokers have exclusive access to several websites. When they list your yacht, your broker has agreed to sell it through a co-brokerage agreement that requires them to split the typically 10% commission with the buyer’s broker. About 70% of all brokerage sales are co-brokered. 

    Keep in mind that in this type of agreement, if you bring the buyer or ending up donating your yacht, you are still liable for the broker’s commission.

    The second type is an open listing agreement. In this agreement, you give more than one broker the right to sell your yacht. However, you maintain the right to sell the boat on your own. The only downside is that no broker is guaranteed the commission so it is highly unlikely that they will spend the time and money to list your boat on several websites.

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    Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is proud to be considered one of the world’s best yacht companies and a leader in luxury yacht sales. Whether you are interested in buying a yacht or selling your yacht, our brokers are here to assist.

    To know more about us. Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker proudly serves Aventura, Florida, and the nearby communities.

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