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Meeting with a Broker

Purchasing or selling a yacht can be as intimidating as buying or selling a home. That’s why you should hire a broker when starting the process. Luckily, the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is ready to help. We have helped thousands of clients to buy or sell their boats at a competitive price.

We cater all services throughout Fort Lauderdale, nearby cities, United States, and even internationally. We are the #1 and most trusted yacht brokerage firm in the area. 

Though the yacht broker industry is not as well-regulated as real estate, our company requires our yacht salesmen to have an exam and have their license. There are many advantages to hiring a broker on your side when going through the process of buying and selling your yacht.

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    Why Should You Meet with One of Our brokers?

    Here are a few reasons why you should not go at the boat buying and selling process alone:

    We Understand the Laws

    Brokers know the law. A broker will know if you have to pay the vessel sales tax on your purchase. They will also advise you on the transfer process. Your broker can help you track down all the paperwork you need to take ownership of the boat properly. Also, they will help you if there are unusual issues that arise from the transaction. For example, if you are planning to buy a boat that is currently registered in a country other than the US, there may be extra paperwork and additional duties to pay.

    Customized and Professional Service

    The broker will review your wants and needs in the yacht, and then you can sit back while they narrow down the search for vessels that will match your needs. They will thoroughly look and review the yacht before they show it to you. They also help in preventing scams, shady sellers, and boats that are not likable. 

    When you are in contract, the broker will schedule a sea trial. Just show up and be ready to look at the boat. An experienced broker may already know the yacht is perfect for you. They will also go on with the sea trial with you and attend the required survey. Moreover, they may help you decide whether an issue during the survey is a deal killer or if there are other possible solutions.

    Negotiation and Purchase Assistance

    Your broker will help you make the best offer. The broker will tell you if the boat is being over or underpriced. They will negotiate the offer and help you overcome any unusual terms of the sale. A broker will also make sure that there are no property taxes on your target vessel.

    Set up Escrow

    Your broker will set up the escrow for you so that the money will not pass to the seller until all the conditions of the sale are met. It helps you prevent paying extra duties on a boat with delinquent property taxes.

    Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker

    Pre-purchase Services

    Before sale, your broker can help you get the right loan and the right marine insurer for your boat. Or, get pre-approved for a loan before you buy a yacht.

    Post-purchase Services

    Your broker will make sure you have an accurate record of the sale and the value of the boat. If you are a first-time yacht owner, they can recommend the instructors to take classes with or the best places to sail for your first trip. Also, they help you choose the best boat club to join.

    Discover the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker

    When it comes to buying and selling yachts, we mean serious business. Our proven strategies help us market your boat at a fair price and identify qualified buyers as well. Here are the key factors that set up apart from other brokerage firms:

    We Dominate the market

    Being in the yacht business for over 20 years, and having an award-winning sales team, helps us to dominate in this industry. We specialize in competitive yacht brands and powerboats, and we sell hundreds of brokerage boats each year.

    We have a Huge Marketing Budget

    We have a dedicated in-house marketing team to work for you with a large marketing budget. We will maximize the exposure of your boats at Boat shows, VIP events, Boat Trader MLS, print ads, and as well to top digital channels like:

    • Email marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Digital advertising
    • Search engine optimization

    We will optimize your listing and execute highly effective marketing strategies to target our audience of engaged boaters and find you the ideal buyer.

    Free Market Analysis

    The fluctuating market conditions and boat sales pricing can affect the worth of your boat. To identify the current pricing of your boat, our experts can help you assist with that process. Get rid of guesswork and research, and allow our seasoned brokers to get you a free no-obligation market analysis.

    Fast Sale of your Boat

    We can hasten the sale by taking a trade on your boat. The fact that Fort Lauderdale takes trades is a huge advantage to our clients, both buyers, and our sellers. Due to this practice, a seller’s listing is exposed to many more buyers who need to liquidate their existing boat before buying a new one. It allows us to sell the boat faster because buyers don’t have to sell their boat before buying yours.

    No hassle sales process

    We have been in this industry for more than 20 years, so you can rely on us to facilitate the entire sales process, including haulouts, sea trials, insurance, repairs, and transport.

    Another benefit why you should consider us is that we are uniquely positioned with the knowledge and expertise needed to manage the sale of a vessel through import and sale. Leave it all to use.

    Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker has been in the brokerage firm for over 20 years. Our seasoned brokers will nurture the entire process of buying or selling a boat, with no hassle. Call us today to know more about services. Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker proudly serves all properties throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

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