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A Yacht broker is someone who can help you buy or sell a boat. Not only sourcing possible yachts or buyers, but they also help in price negotiation, drawing legal documents, and give you advice. In some instances, a yacht broker will represent both the buyer and the seller during a transaction. He/She aims to deliver a fair deal to both parties.

If you are planning to buy a yacht, a trustworthy and knowledgeable yacht broker can make the buying process enjoyable and worry-free, while getting the right price. With so many yacht brokers out there, it is essential to choose the right broker who offers integrity and experience, as well as superb records in buying a yacht. 

We at Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker have a team of experienced brokers with an extraordinary sales record, a superb marketing team, and an extensive global database of clients. We have been in the industry for many years and have helped clients throughout the entire process of buying a yacht. From buying to making an offer, Fort Lauderdale Yacht is always ready to help you.

Professional Team of Buy and Sell Yacht Brokers

What sets Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker apart is its revolutionary approach to the brokerage model. We realize that assigning only one broker per client means the client may miss out on the expertise and client networks of the other brokers in the team. That is why we create a brokerage model where all brokers work together to deliver the best service to every client.

On the other hand, if you are planning to sell your yacht, we believe that great marketing is the key. We are equipped with the most effective marketing program in the industry that can help you sell your yacht, such as internet marketing, print advertising, boat shows, and even up to social media. We ensure that our listings are properly advertised on different platforms and websites both locally and internationally.

We cover both the buyers and the sellers in the transactions. Discover the Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker and give us the privilege to help you find the perfect boat for you.

How to Choose the Best Yacht broker?

Here are the few things you should consider before selecting a yacht broker:


When looking for a yacht broker, make sure that he/she is certified. It is because a yacht broker license will ensure that the person is qualified and highly trained for the job. We at Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker comprise certified yacht brokers, so rest assured that we do the job professionally.


It is advisable to look for brokers who have many years of experience in this industry. Generally, having more experience indicates more knowledge of the yachting world. And yes, we have been in this industry for 20 years, serving clients with all their concerns. We have faced many situations, which help us become more knowledgeable about the industry we are in.

Work History

While assessing the person, also look at the yacht brokerage firm, including all the records of its past dealings. It will provide you better insight into how good the broker is at its job. Our company is very open to sharing with you all our recent history of deals with honesty and integrity.


Another thing to check is the company’s reputation. You should also look at how well-known the firm is. Check also how many boats it has sold over the last year or help purchase. By doing this, it will ensure that you and your yacht dealing concerns are in good hands.


If you are looking for a brokerage firm, look out for the yacht listings they have. We, at Fort Lauderdale, have an assortment of amazing yachts by distinguished names in the industry. 

Advertising platforms

You also need to check their advertising strategies. We use multiple platforms like social media, print ads, email posting, and others, which could be beneficial to you. Also, we have a global reach and a good number of contacts, which is a major plus for us.

Why List with Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker?

Selecting the right broker when buying a yacht is the key. Experienced brokers at Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker can assist you quickly in identifying how much you can get the boat. We offer a free market evaluation to help you with your decision-making process.

We accomplish this by making use of our extensive network of marine professionals and with our newest technology and marketing available to make the buying process a seamless one for you. 

We want you to feel that boating is a lifelong passion for you and your family. We are more than just a boat dealer; we are a service provider that is here to ensure that your passion for boating keeps alive from season to season and from generation to generation.

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker is a locally owned dealership that prides itself on customer service and is dedicated to giving the best quality products supported with unsurpassed levels of service from professional and friendly staff. Our company is dedicated to serving you when you need us the most, serving across the nearby communities.

We combine the expertise from each of its separate divisions to benefit every client. We collaborate with every project to deliver the best deal and service possible. The structure of our sales force ensures that we will give any contact or potential client who is interested in buying a yacht that is relevant purchase opportunities. Conversely, if you want to have your yacht available for charter, your sales broker can coordinate for such operations and marketing with the help of our dedicated professional staff.

Fort Lauderdale Yacht Broker has been representing buyers in Fort Lauderdale and other nearby areas for many years. We give tailored services, depending on our client’s needs. Our team of experts will help step-by-step through the entire buying process to ensure we meet your buying experience.

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